What’s Wall Street’s originality?

Most of the tunes played by Wall Street were penned by Jean-Pierre keeping in mind traditional music of Wallonia, Britany, Central France, Ireland and Great Britain.

Luc’s guitar provides a particular background and original rhythm with Gipsy jazz connotations. Luc also plays the bagpipes. Philippe plays double bass with jazzy touches.

Jean-Pierre plays single- and two-row melodeons as well as bagpipes and whistles.

What we can offer:

  • Traditional folk dance : community and couple dances (waltzes, schottisches, mazurkas, polkas), circles, jigs, hornpipes, mixers, country dances, and typical Walloon dances, bourrées, andros, gavottes etc. An animator is available on request.

  • Musical entertainment : for families, associations, parties, private or public events as well as home concerts or dances.

  • Dance workshops : programme adapted according to requirements (community, couple, Walloon dances etc.).

  • Music workshop : melodeon (single- and two row), bagpipe, rhythm and solo guitar (Luc also plays in different Gipsy jazz groups).We can also teach our own repertoire as well as traditional Walloon tunes.

A PA can be provided for medium-size rooms.

Wall Street is based in the Namur area, Wallonia, Belgium but travelling is a pleasure for us !

‘Wall Street’ originally referred to the Walloons who had settled down on Manhattan Island in the early 17th century. Later they helped the Dutch and English immigrants to settle down. Pierre Minuit, who came from south Belgium, bought the island from the Indians for a sum of 60 florins (25 dollars). In reality he offered them low-value pearls and trinkets as money did not mean anything to them. Consequently ‘Wall Street’ could mean ‘Walloon Street’.

Information and inquiries can be obtained by email through our ‘contacts’ page.